Types of Gifts

Your philanthropic gifts are an investment in the current and future success of Colorado State University. Whether you make an unrestricted or designated gift, you can choose to use your gift to create an endowment fund or an expendable (non-endowed) fund.

A gift to establish an endowment creates a perpetual source of funding by keeping the principal of the gift intact forever. Only the income of the fund’s earnings can be spent to support Colorado State University in the manner of your choice. A portion of the endowment earnings is added to the principal in an effort to keep pace with inflation. Your endowment gift will support Colorado State in perpetuity.

If you choose to use your gift to establish an expendable fund, the fund may be spent in its entirety to support Colorado State University in the manner of your choice at the time the gift is made. Your non-endowed gift will be expended for current needs of programs you select.

Named Endowment Opportunities

Endowment levels indicate the minimum funding required from private sector donors. Each chair, professorship or other endowment may need to be funded at a higher level to meet the needs of a specific program. According to the current spending policy of Colorado State University Foundation, 4.5 percent of an endowment’s market value is available for allocation each year. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Foundation Board.

$3 Million - University Endowed Chair

This designation is accorded to that select number of faculty judged to be truly outstanding scholars and teachers according to rigorous, nationally accepted standards. The title of University Chair is one of the highest honors Colorado State University may award to a faculty member. The reputations of recipients reflect their special creative and research contributions, as well as their efforts in shaping the world’s understanding of their fields of study. University Chairs at Colorado State, as at other prestigious universities, constitute that small cadre of exceptionally gifted professors whose names evoke immediate acknowledgement and respect in academic circles. Annual allocations from the endowment are expected to fund the salary, benefits, and operational costs for the position.

$1.5 Million - College Endowed Chair

Recipients of these chairs must have demonstrated significant contributions to their fields through exceptional teaching and scholarly excellence. These individuals are expected to be of national stature with established track records of achievement. In addition to acquiring a minimum gift of $1.5 million from a donor, a college must commit an appropriate level of funding to cover salary, benefits and operational costs for the position.

$750,000 – University Professorship

This designation is intended to enhance faculty positions held by scholars/teachers with outstanding qualifications. The achievements and qualifications of Distinguished Professors are expected to be extremely high, setting them apart from the majority of their colleagues. Earnings from these endowments supplement faculty salary lines.

$375,000 – College Professorship

Professorships are typically held by gifted faculty members whose accomplishments indicate great potential. Their efforts are focused on honoring their teaching skills and on carving out areas of research or performance. Earnings from these endowments supplement faculty salary lines.

$250,000 – Endowed Visiting Lecturer or Artist Fund

This designation is reserved for those select and accomplished leaders who are invited to lecture or teach at Colorado State University for a limited period of time and are not permanent members of the Colorado State faculty.

$50,000 – Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Fellowships are awarded to students performing research on campus. These fellowships enable outstanding students to continue their pursuit of research on the graduate level.

$25,000 – Endowed Scholarship or Program Fund

Scholarship or program endowments support students or programs in any of Colorado State University’s colleges or units.

For more information or to make a gift to the Warner College of Natural Resources, please contact Scott Webb, Director of Development, at (970) 491-3594 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .