Undergraduate Advising

Lyon, Colorado Field TripThe Geoscience curriculum provides a technical background within the broader framework of a liberal arts program.  Students may choose the traditional geology concentration, the environmental geology concentration, the geophysics concentration, or the hydrogeology concentration for their degree track.  All of the concentrations require courses from Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and Biology as well as a balance of Liberal Arts courses.  Many geoscience majors add courses in Engineering and Watershed Sciences to broaden their career opportunities.

Emphasis is placed on integrating field studies in the Rocky Mountains with on-campus work in both the classroom and the laboratory.  A required Summer Field Course (GEOL 436) provides a transition between academic studies and professional employment.  The course also serves as a capstone course that allows us to monitor and improve our curriculum to meet the changing needs of our students.

The required courses for each of the Geoscience Concentrations are listed below:

pdf  Geology Concentration
pdf  Environmental Geology Concentration
pdf  Geophysics Concentration
pdf  Hydrogeology Concentration

Minor in Geology

The Geology minor is open to all majors at the university and is designed to provide a brief curriculum in Geology to enhance other majors.  This minor is used by students in a variety of disciplines including, Physics, Natural Resources Management areas and the Liberal Arts.  It is also one of the areas of concentration in the Physical Science Major offered by the College of Natural Sciences.

pdf  Geology Minor

Academic Advising
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