Geosciences Advisory Council

The Geosciences Advisory Council (GAC) is an external advisory body that provides high-level professional feedback, advice and assistance to assist the department.  The Council meets in the Spring and Fall of each year and assists the department throughout the year in various efforts.

The Council’s purview includes Alumni Affairs; Industry, Government and other external relations; Fundraising and other development and foundation opportunities; Workforce and general professional preparedness of students; Scientific, economic, technological and other developments in the broad field of geosciences; and increasing public and CSU-wide visibility of the department.

2016-2017 GAC Membership

Roger Steininger (Economic Geology)

Ed Warner (Philanthropy, Petroleum and Economic Geology)

Harold Pranger (Geomorphology)

Karen Berry (Geology; Colorado State Geologist)

Joby Adams (Hydrogeology and Earth Resources)

Bob Stoller (Hydrogeology)

Scott Larson (Petroleum Geology)

Jon Robbins (Petroleum Geology)

Tara Tafi (Reclamation)