Management of Private Ponds and Streams FAQ

Private fishing, Hartley Pond - - 1343930Can I get some students to evaluate my pond?

This is probably not the best option. Most graduate students in the Department are fully funded from sponsored research projects that support their graduate work. The cost to support a graduate student (stipend, benefits, tuition, indirect) is approximately $26,000 per year. Graduate students are expected to devote all their effort to their research project, with little or no time left over for side jobs. While undergraduate students are eager to gain work experience, and we require that they do so, they don't attain adequate training and expertise until they've completed the degree program. Unfortunately, no vehicles or sampling equipment are available for student consulting activities on private waters. 

How do I find someone who can help me?
There are quite a few professional fisheries consultants and private fish vendors in Colorado. The links below will help you get in touch with some of these businesses; others can be found by searching the internet or by looking in the phone book under "fisheries".

Where can I find information about building and managing my pond?

How do I identify the critters and plants in my pond?

Who sells pond management tools and supplies?

Where can I buy fish to stock in my pond?

What rules and paperwork should I be aware of?

Where can I learn more about aquatic invaders and nuisance species?

Where can I learn more about protecting water quality?

Are there other resources for private landowners?