Certificates, Short Courses and International Congresses

Online/Distance Credit Certificate Program

Throughout this program you will gain critical insights into the conservation and use of natural resources, and build a better understanding of the viewpoints which impact public debate and decisions on this important topic.

50th Annual Wildlife Management Short Course

The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University, will again offer the annual Wildlife Management Short Course on the campus during the week of March 23– 27, 2015. This popular course was developed for laypersons and agency personnel with non-wildlife training. A number of agencies have sent administrators, commissioners, planners, information, environmental education personnel, legislators, and other staff to this course to obtain a broad exposure to wildlife conservation and management. Citizen conservation organizations have also sent staff members.

This five day short course is designed to provide an overview of principles of wildlife (including fisheries) ecology and management. Current programs and issues related to natural resources conservation will also be discussed. The short course consists of presentations by University faculty and personnel from various agencies and organizations. Field trips may involve fishery research techniques demonstrations and a visit to a raptor rehabilitation center.

To Register for the workshop please contact Office of Conference Services - Wildlife Management Short Course at 970-491-6222 or visit https://conferencereg.colostate.edu/wildlifeshortcourse2015


A Successful 9th International Congress Occurred for Wildlife and Livelihoods on Private and Communal Lands September 7-12, 2014.

Dr. Del Benson, Professor in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University, is the primary contact and host for the 9th International Congress for Wildlife and Livelihoods on Private and Communal Lands to be held in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Estes Park setting, September 7-12, 2014.  The Congress emphasizes practical knowledge, skills and attitudes with action outcomes to assist private and communal sectors internationally, in North America, and in Colorado before, during and after the event. Sessions and workshops are planned with invited speakers of quality and substance, related papers from around the world, and field trips to Blue Valley Ranch, McGregor Ranch and Rocky Mountain National Park.

To see more about the outcome including downloading the proceedings visit http://events.warnercnr.colostate.edu/iwmc-2014/2014/09/30/wildlife-congress-summary-video/