Campaign Impact

We Did It! The Campaign for Colorado State University
Warner College of Natural Resources and Colorado State University just completed its first comprehensive fundraising campaign, and we are so grateful for the generous support of our constituents who invested more than $60 million to support Warner College students, faculty, research, facilities and programs. Thank you to our alumni and friends who continue to support the College and its continued excellence in environmental leadership.
Campaign Total: $62 million
Total number of donors: 3,862
Total number of alumni donors: 2,189
Private Support Totals by Campaign Year
FY2006: $31.0 million
FY2007: $2.2 million
FY2008: $6.1 million
FY2009: $5.7 million
FY2010: $3.1 million
FY2011: $6.7 million
FY2012: $6.4 million
The overall campaign total for Fiscal Years 2006 through 2012 will not equal the sum of the individual campaign years due to giving activities that span fiscal years.
Funds raised during the campaign have made an impact on College programs, including:
• Center for Collaborative Conservation
• Conservation Leadership Through Learning Master’s Program
• Natural Resource and Environment Leadership Program
• 42 new scholarships created
• Total private support raised for scholarships: $5,578,757
• Total scholarships awarded: 849 totaling $1,363,415
College Chairs – $1.5 million
The Warner Chair in Geophysics 
The Warner Chair in Geophysics has provided the nucleus for the Department of Geosciences to establish an active program in geophysics, an area in high demand by students and employers. Our students are now receiving first-class training in professional applications of geophysics. Warner Chair Dennis Harry specializes in applied geophysics, particularly applied to understanding groundwater resources, and in deciphering the tectonic evolution of rift basins and foreland basins, such as the Gulf of Mexico and the Denver Basin.
Wildlife Habitat Conservation Chair
The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Chair in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology was made possible by several donors. 
The Malcolm McCallum Chair in Economic Geology 
The Malcolm McCallum Chair in Economic Geology has revitalized our program in the study of ore deposits. Our students, both undergraduates and graduates, now have the opportunity to obtain the skills most sought by the mining industry, and the result is a steady stream of graduates placed in mining geology positions. Chair John Ridley’s work focuses on understanding gold deposits, especially lode gold, and on the relationship between very ancient oil deposits and sediment-hosted base metal deposits.
The Robert Stollar Chair 
The Stollar chair in Hydrogeology and Water Resources will look at water resources, including ground and surface water, particularly those in Colorado. This program and the chair holder will prepare students for careers in the ever-expanding areas of water mitigation, contamination, resource allocation, planning, and water quality, to name a few. It will add to CSU’s already exemplary reputation in water resources and research.
The Shell Chair in Restoration Ecology 
The Shell Endowed Chair in Restoration Ecology was funded with a gift of $2 million from Shell to support research related to restoration ecology and energy development. The chair holder, Mark Paschke, is the region’s foremost expert regarding restoration ecology. Paschke, emeritus faculty Ed Redente, and countless graduate students, have researched plots in the Piceance Basin for more than 30 years. The research established in perpetuity by this chair will allow CSU to conduct cutting-edge research related to all types of energy development and restoration across departments in the Warner College of Natural Resources and across colleges at CSU.
Planned Gifts
25 new planned gift donors

Million-Dollar or More Donors
• 8 foundations, corporations, and individuals have donated $1 million or more
- Edward Warner          - Goodier Family Foundation
- Shell Oil                      - Seismic Micro Technology Inc.
- James C. Kennedy      - Robert and Janne Stollar
- Ying and Nigiap Lee    - Exxon
• Total of $1 million or more gifts: $40.1 million
Donors who have given $1 million or more may have given to more than one College or Unit.
• Two built or renovated
- Two funded 100 percent with private funds
- Forestry Building Remodel
- Petrographic Laboratory for Department of Geosciences

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