FWCB Alumni Spotlights

B.S., Adam Miller

M.S., Christopher Craft


Alumna:  Christopher Craft

Home: Denver, CO

Degree: Master's of Science in Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology 

Career:  Fisheries Ecologist for GEI Consultants in Denver, CO.   

How my degree prepared me: The fisheries degree provides a solid background of ecology, management practices and research study design that I now combine with technical experience in the field.

Early inspiration: My desire to learn more about the diverse field of fish biology, and to have the opportunity to conduct research of my own.

Faculty member who had the greatest impact: Dr. Christopher Myrick.  He showed me that fish are far more complex organisms than I originally thought, and that my career options in the field of fish biology are, likewise, very diverse.

Proud moment at Warner CNR: "Successfully conducting 6 weeks of continuous 96-hour respirometry trials with a team of very dedicated and awesome technicians at the Foothills Fisheries Laboratory.  Everyone survived, and there was no apparent severe mental or emotional trauma."

Memorable moment at Warner CNR: "Seining the lagoon behind the Lory Student Center with the FW204 class to capture the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), using the largest human-pulled seine on Earth."

Favorite graduate class at Warner CNR: FW605 - Advanced Physiological Ecology of Fishes

Advice to other FWCB/GDPE graduate students: Your comprehensive exams will be difficult, but most people survive.