Will Stacey

B.S., December 2010

Will Stacey

Home: Omaha, NE

Degree: B.S. Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University 2010 

Why I do the work I do: For me, the field of fisheries combines a love for fishing (and the outdoors in general) with a deep interest in science, understanding nature, and conserving natural resources.

 The work I do on a daily basis:  Lab work involves aging fish using otoliths, and processing and analyzing fish and invertebrate samples.  Field work in the summer involves fish sampling in streams and reservoirs using electrofishing, fillnetting and hydroacoustics.

How my degree prepared me: The fisheries degree provides a solid background of ecology, management practices and research study design that I now combine with technical experience in the field.

Early inspiration: Steve Irwin's knowledge and love for wildlife, combined with a passion for conservation made me want to work with animals from a very young age.

Faculty member who had the greatest impact: I became interested in Dr. Brett Johnson's research as a sophomore when I took Ichthyology.  I worked in his lab for over two years, learning techniques and getting exposure to research in aquatic food web ecology.  He served as a role model in utilizing scientific research as a driver for rational and sustainable fishery management.

Proud moment at Warner CNR: Receiving the "Best Student Poster" award at the Western Division AFS meeting in Salt Lake City for a research project our AFS subunit carried out.

Memorable moment at Warner CNR: Hook-and-line sampling northern pike from a boat on College Lake with my three best friends in the Fisheries department on a sunny afternoon in May.

Favorite class at Warner CNR: FW400 - Conservation of Fish in Aquatic Ecosystems with Dr. Kurt Fausch

Advice to students: Take every opportunity that is given to you to get new experiences and meet new people in the natural resources field.

Words to live by: Work hard, play harder.

As an undergraduate: President of the student subunit of American Fisheries Society. 

Nicole Sedgeley

B.S., December 2010

Nicole SedgeleyHome: Golden, Colorado 

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology, with Honors, December 2010 

Early inspiration: Family vacations and activities outdoors such as camping, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing and biking got me into nature, exploring our natural resources and discovering wildlife.

Faculty member who had the greatest impact:  Dr. Kenneth Wilson, the department head, my honors senior thesis advisor, our former TWS advisor, and mentor.

Proud moment at Warner CNR: Being nominated as one of the outstanding seniors at CSU by the WCNR faculty and graduating with honors. 

Memorable moment at Warner CNR: Being president of the CSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society

Favorite class at Warner CNR: NR220, Pingree Park

Advice to students: Take advantage of extra-curricular opportunities, especially any that allow you to network.  Also, get to know your professors, they have an incredible wealth of knowledge and are always eager to help..

Words to live by: "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy, while care will drop off like autumn leaves."   (Quote by - John Muir)

As an undergraduate: I was a member, secretary and president of the CSU student chapter of TWS, I studied abroad wit hthe School of Field Studies in Kenya, I spent my summers working for the National Park Service doing research and being a ranger, I volunteered many hours for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, participating in pronghorn and big horn sheep traps and workshops, I completed the Honors program, and I attended many Wildlife Society conferences and conclaves.