Departmental Presentations

Check out seminars, graduate student defenses, and other presentations here!

Dr. Domingo M. Molina, director of the Máster FUEGO program of the School of Agrifood and Forestry Science and Engineering at the University of Lleida in Spain, presents on wildland fire sciences.  

Nehalem Clark, NEPA Coordinator, presenting on three NEPA projects she has worked on.  

Dr. Kurt Mackes, Senior Research Scientist and Associate Professor, on "Assisting with the Development of a Utilization Plan for Ash Trees Killed by Emerald Ash Borers Along the Colorado Front Range."

Dr. Yu Wei, Associate Professor, on "Develop Systems Models to Capture Spatial Topologies in Forest Management."
Damon Vaughan defended his MS thesis on Beetle-Killed Spruce Wood Utilization in July 2016 at the CSU Mountain Campus. His presentation slides are located here.

Hailey Wilmer defended her PhD thesis titled "Cattle Ranching on the Western Great Plains: A Study of Adaptive Decision-Making" on September 16, 2016 at CSU. 
Check out this presentation on the successes of New Mexico's Collaborative Forest Restoration Program (CFRP). The Colorado Forest Restoration Institute is facilitating similar efforts in Colorado that use forest restoration activities to build local capacity to protect both wildland urban interface communities and critical watersheds.