Refer to the CSU catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Online courses are also offered as part of the Master of Natural Resources Stewardship (MNRS) online degree.    
Course Overrides
For any regular course (those with a set number of credits and a listed instructor), please request an override from the person teaching the course.

For non-regular courses (those with variable credits) please complete the online Variable Credit Override Form.

Forestry undergraduate students are required to attend a two-week session (F230) at CSU's Mountain Campus that covers material specific to forestry. In addition, undergraduate students with majors in fishery biology, natural resource management, rangeland ecology, and wildlife biology are required to attend a four-week summer session (NR220) at the CSU Mountain Campus, typically in the summer between their Sophomore and Junior years.

Forestry Courses
 Course/Syllabus  Title Instructor(s)
 F 230  Forest Field Measurements  Rocky Coleman
 F 310  Forest & Rangeland Ecogeography  Troy Ocheltree
 F 311  Forest Ecology  Miranda Redmond
 F 312  Dendrology  Rocky Coleman
 F 321  Forest Biometry  Wade Tinkham
 F 322  Economics of the Forest Environment  Douglas Rideout
 F 324  Fire Effects and Adaptations  Camille Stevens-Rumann
 F 325  Silviculture  Seth Ex
 F 326 (Formerly F424)  Wildland Fire Behavior & Management  Chad Hoffman
 F 330  Timber Harvesting and the Environment  Kurt Mackes
 F 421  Forest Stand Management  Seth Ex
 F 422  Quantitative Methods in Forest Management  Yu Wei
 F 425  Advanced Wildland Fire Management  Chad Hoffman
 F 430  Forestry Field Practices  Kurt Mackes
 F 466/HORT 466  Urban & Community Forestry  Keith Wood & James Klett
 F 487  Professional Forestry Internship  All department faculty
 F 495  Independent Study  All department faculty
 F 510  Ecophysiology of Trees  Troy Ocheltree
 F 524  Forest Fire Meteorology and Behavior  Chad Hoffman
 F 525  Silvicultural Practices  Seth Ex
 F 580A3  Principles of Wood Utilization for Foresters  Kurt Mackes
 F 624  Fire Ecology  Peter M Brown
 F 693  Forest & Rangeland Stewardship Seminar  Sonya Le Febre
 F 695  Independent Study  All department faculty
 F 698  Master's Research  All department faculty
 F 699  Thesis  All department faculty
 F 721  Forest Policy  Tony Cheng
 F 798  Ph.D. Research  All department faculty
 F 799  Dissertation  All department faculty


Natural Resources Courses   (only the NR courses taught by FRS faculty)
 Course/Syllabus  Title   Instructor(s)
 NR 130  Global Environmental Systems  Ursula Quillmann
 NR 150  Oceanography  Ursula Quillmann
 NR 220  Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements  Rocky Coleman
 NR 300  Biological Diversity  Richard Knight
 NR 319  Geospatial Applications in Natural Resources  Rocky Coleman 
 NR 320  Natural Resource History and Policy  Katherine Mattor
 NR 322  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems  Randall Boone
 NR 326  Forest Vegetation Management  Wilfred Previant
 NR 370  Coastal Environmental Ecology  Ursula Quillmann
 NR 400  Public Relations in Natural Resources  Katherine Trimm
 NR 420  Integrated Ecosystem Management  Aramati Casper
 NR 421  Natural Resource Sampling  Wade Tinkham
 NR 422  GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management  Yu Wei
 NR 423  Applications of Global Positioning Systems  Rocky Coleman
 NR 425  Natural Resource Policy & Sustainability  Courtney Schultz
 NR 444  Fire Economics & Policy  Doug Rideout
 NR 479  Restoration Case Studies  Tony Cheng & Mark Paschke
 NR 493  Seminar-GIS & Remote Sensing Applications  Rocky Coleman
 NR 512  Spatial Statistical Modeling-Natural Resources    TBD
 NR 523  Quantitative Spatial Analysis  TBD
 NR 565 (Online)  Principles of Natural Resources Ecology  Sonya Le Febre
 NR 567 (Online)  Analysis of Environmental Impacts  TBD
 NR 578  Ecology of Disturbed Lands  Mark Paschke
 NR 625  Community-Based Natural Resource Management  Maria Fernandez-Gimenez
 NR 678  Advanced Ecological Restoration  Mark Paschke
 NR 693  Natural Resources Stewardship Seminar  Sonya Le Febre


Range Courses
Course/Syllabus  Title  Instructor(s)
 RS 300  Rangeland Conservation and Stewardship  Paul Meiman                 
 RS 310  Forest and Rangeland Ecogeography  Troy Ocheltree
 RS 312  Rangeland Plant Identification Lab  Rocky Coleman, Christine Bern & Nancy Hastings
 RS 329  Rangeland Assessment  Maria E. Fernandez-Gimenez
 RS 351  Wildland Ecosystems in a Changing World       Cameron Aldridge
 RS 432  Rangeland Measurements and Monitoring  Maria Fernandez-Gimenez
 RS 452  Rangeland Herbivore Ecology and Management  Paul Meiman
 RS 478  Restoration Ecology  Mark Paschke
 RS 495  Independent Study  All department faculty
 RS 496  Group Study  All department faculty
 RS 500  Advanced Rangeland Management  Casey Matney
 RS 532  Range Ecosystem Sampling  Maria Fernandez-Gimenez
 RS 565  Riparian Ecology and Management  Paul Meiman
 RS 630 (Online)  Ecology of Grasslands and Shrublands  Jayne Jonas
 RS 693  Forest & Rangeland Stewardship Seminar  Sonya Le Febre
 RS 695  Independent Study  All department faculty
 RS 696  Group Study  All department faculty
 RS 698  Research  All department faculty
 RS 699  Thesis  All department faculty
 RS 795  Independent Study  All department faculty
 RS 798  Research  All department faculty
 RS 799  Dissertation  All department faculty


Other courses taught by FRS faculty
Course/Syllabus Title Instructor
 ANTH 415  Indigenous Ecologies and the Modern World  Sonya Le Febre
 BSPM 365  Integrated Tree Health Management  William Jacobi
 WR 418  Land Use and Water Quality  John Stednick
 WR 419  Water Quality for Wildland Managers Laboratory  John Stednick