FPEL Personnel

Current Graduate Students
  • Tyler Swarr (M.S. Candidate) - Optimizing fish passage structures for eastern plains fishes.
  • Dan Cammack (M.S. Candidate) - Effects of temperature on Sauger reproduction and development.
  • Alex Townsend (M.S. Candidate - coadvised with Dr. W. Clements) - Effects of selenium on brown trout reproduction.

Past Graduate Students
  • Mandi Brandt (M.S.) - Optimal starter diets and culture conditions for Colorado River cutthroat trout.
  • Christopher Craft (M.S. Candidate) - Cost-effective alternative protein diets for rainbow trout.
  • Ashley Ficke (M.S.) - Fish barriers and small plains fishes: fishway design recommendations and the impact of existing instream structures.
  • Brian Fox (M.S.) - Investigation of the effects of whitewater parks on aquatic resources in Colorado.
  • Eric Gardunio (M.S. Candidate) - Development of barriers to the upstream migration of burbot and white suckers.
  • Scott Hoyer (M.S.) - Can copper-based substrates be used to protect hatcheries from invasion by the New Zealand Mudsnail?
  • Kristoph Kinzli (M.S.) - Using Bendway Weirs to aid in the recovery of the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow.
  • Matt Kondratieff (M.S.) - Evaluating brook trout jumping performance using adjustable waterfalls.
  • Cheyenne Owens (M.S. Candidate) - Improving the culture of Snake River Cutthroat Trout
  • Kendall Ross (M.S.) - Temperature effects on Trinity River, CA, adult spring-run Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) metabolism and survival.
  • Zak Sutphin (M.S.) - Developing appropriate water quality based transportation densities for fishes in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California.
Past Undergraduate Student Researchers
  • Mandi Brandt – The effects of light intensity on the leaping ability of juvenile brook charr.
  • Sarah Conlin – Assessing the use of copper and copper-based compounds to prevent the upstream movement of New Zealand mudsnails.
  • Caitlin Cox – Responses of New Zealand mudsnails to copper barriers in flowing water.
  • Alyssa Graziano - Jumping behavior of cutthroat trout
  • Michael Habberfield – Effects of the perceived threat of predation on the metabolic rate of threadfin shad.
  • J. Preston Holloway – The effects of waterfall width on juvenile brook trout jumping ability.
  • Nathan Jud – Observing swimming and jumping capabilities of a target conservation fish species
  • – the common shiner.
  • Jahan Monirian – Effects of acclimation temperature and simulated handling stress on the critical thermal tolerance of threadfin shad.
  • Cloelle Sausville-Giddings – An investigation of sand shiner swimming performance and their ability to negotiate pool-and-weir fishways.
  • Zack Underwood – Effects of acclimation temperature on the thermal tolerance of Colorado River cutthroat trout.
  • Adam Herdrich - Thermal biology of stonecats (Noturus flavus).
  • Alyssa Graziano - Influence of density on cutthroat trout jumping frequency.
  • Sean Williams - Sound production in the fathead minnow.