Fire Science Graduates

Name Dept Degree Yr Study Area Status/Empl
Acton, S. FS MS 02 Invasive plants, salvage logging USFS R4, Payette NF
Adegbola, P. FS MS 79 Fire ecology & mgmt Nigerian FS
Alexander, Martin FS MS 78 Lodgepole pine fuels & fire potential Canadian FS-Rsrch
Alexander, Mike FS MS 04 Firefighter safety USFS R2/Pike San Isabel NF
Anderson, E. FS MS 92 Big sagebrush live fuel moisture Private Consultant
Atsmon, G. FS MF 98 Israel Fire Management Israel FS
Baker, J.O. FS MS 78 Wilderness fire management USFS-WO Fire Mgmt(ret)
Balick, L. FS Ph.D 78 Forest fire meteorology U.S. Army
Beavers, A. FS MS 01 Fire Effects/Rehabilitation CEMML-CSU
Beebe, G. FS MS 95 Fire risk assessment BLM-Smokejumpers
Blonski, K. FS MS 78 Fire training systems UC Berkeley
Bosworth, N. FS MS 99 Ponderosa pine fuels USFS R2, Black Hills NF
Boyum, M. FS MS XX Fire and lynx habitat USFS R2, White River NF SCEP
Brandel, K. FS MS 84 Prescribed fire monitoring/evaluation USFS R4, Payette NF
Brown, A. FS MS 06 Live Fuel Moisture Grad Student
Butler, G. FS MS 01 Urban Interface Poudre Fire Authority
Butts, D. RR MS 78 Fire management/national parks USNPS-NIFC (ret)
Chapin, G. FS MS 04 Forest restoration using prescribed fire Land Steward/ Eastern New York Chapter of The Nature Conservancy
Cheong, Y.H. FS MS 85 Fire training system for Korea Korea Forestry Agency
Clagg, H. FS MS 75 Fire ecology in high elevation forests USFS R6
Cohen, J. ER MS 76 Colorado mountain fire weather USFS-RMRS
Cohen, W. FS Ph.D 89 Crown fire ignition USFS-PNW Station
Collins, B FS MS 04 Drought and fuel treatment Ph.D student - Berkley
Cook, J. FS MS 95 Phytoliths and fire history Georgia-Pacific Corp.
Dimitrakopoulos,A. FS MS 85 Initial attack analysis Faculty Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece
Flores, J. FS Ph.D 00 Fire and spatial statistics INIFAP, Mexico
Forthofer, J. FS MS XX   Grad Student
Freeman, J. NREL MS 06 Fire and Fuel Treatment effects on Invasive Plants Graduate Student
Fuquay, D. ER Ph.D 75 Lightning fires and weather modification USFS-NFFL Meteorology in Fire Mgmt. (ret)
Gallup, S. FS MS 98 Prescribed Fire, ponderosa pine USFS R2, Arapaho Roosevelt NF
Gardiner, T. FS MS XX Gambel oak and fire USFS R2 San Juan NF
Gibson, J. FS MS 77 Prescribed fire in Black Hills forests Ministry
Gleason, P. FS MS XX Prescribed Fire/Fuels Mgmt. CSU Instructor
Gochnour, D. FS MS 78 Fire mgmt in Mesa Verde Nat'l Park USFS R6
Goodell, C. FS MS XX Historic fire severity in mixed conifer USFS R2 San Juan NF
Guertin, P. ER MS 81 Fire effects modeling for watersheds Faculty, Univ of AZ
Haven, L. FS MS 81 Fire economics Private consultant
Hilbruner, M. FS MS 88 Prescription fire modeling USFS WO
Huckaby, L. FS MS 91 Fire and tree dynamics USDA-FS RMRS
Huffman, M. FS Ph.D XX Community-based fire management and fire behavior in the tropical pine-oak forest of southern Mexico Research Assistant
Hunter, M. FS Ph.D 04 Invasive plants Post-doc CSU
Ipswitch, S. FS MS XX   Grad Student
Kalabokidis, K. FS Ph.D 92 Fire and GIS Faculty, Univ. of the Aegean, Greece
Liang, Li-Ming FS Ph.D XX The role and response of shrub sprouting in sustaining mixed severity ponderosa pine fire regimes. Grad Student
Manier, D. FS PhD 00 Aspen dynamics CSU NREL
Martinson, E. FS MS 98 Fire history meta- analysis CSU WESTFIRE Research Associate
McRae, D. FS MS 77 Fire/jack pine forests Canadian FS-Research (ret.)
Nichols, F. FS MS 83 Fire effects/measurements Private Consultant
Ogle, K. FS MS 89 oak USFS R4, Regional Fire Ecologist
Page, B. FS MS 78 Fire aspects of multiple resources planning USFS-WO (ret)
Paustian, K. FS MS 79 Fire effects modeling for forest ecosystems CSU NREL
Pierce, T. FS MS 78 National fuels data bank system Wilderness guide svc
Pollet, J. FS MS 99 Fuel Treatment BLM, Utah State Office
Qu, J. FS Ph.D 97 Fire and Climate Change NASA
Rayburn, L. FWB MS 79 Fire effects modeling for wildlife habitat USFWS-Wyoming
Rohman, L. FS MS 85 Fire and GIS USFS R6
Romero, F. FS MS 97 Fire and GIS USFS R2
Rothermel, R.C. ME MS 65 Fire behavior modeling USFS-IFSL (ret.)
Rowdabaugh, K. FS MS 78 Role of fire - PP BLM-Arizona St. Office
Ryan, K. FS MS 76 Fire hazards & risks in Colorado Forests USFS-RMRS
Schramel, J. FS MS 77 Fire education program for H.S. students Greenville, CA H.S. and USFS R5 (ret.)
Schnur, E. FS MS 06 Post fire erosion Grad Student
Senra-Rivero, F. FS MS 03 Rx fire in Andalucia Andalucia Spain Fire Service
Sieg, M. RR MS 79 Fire effects modeling for recreation USFS R2
Skinner, T. FS MS 87 Fire ecology in RMNP USFWS WA.
Smith, D. FS MS 85 Fire economics Puget Power Authority
Smith, J. FS MS 81 Veg. changes in aspen stand from pres. burn. USFS RMRS
Spowart, R. FWB PhD 83 Fire and wildlife habitat CDOW
Steele, R. FS PhD 75 Prescribed fire in dense conifer stands Faculty, Univ. of Montana (ret)
Stubbs, G. FS MS 78 Fire mgmt. planning, White River NF USFS R-4
Sullivan, J. FS MS1 84 Wildfire rehab. econ. anal. Faculty V.P.I. Univ.
Teeter, L. FS PhD 83 FEES optimization algorithm Faculty Auburn Univ.
Tu, B. FS MS 00 Urban Interface Fire Wake Forest Medical School
Vaughan, R. FS MF 85 Legal aspects-fire mgmt Private consultant
Washa, B. FS MS 01 Fuels Specialist BLM/Utah State Office
Wetzel, M. FS MF 83 Fire/tropical ecosystems Private consultant
Wheeler, D. FS MS 85 Fire behavior linkage to fire effects models USFS R2
White, C. FS MS1 85 Fuel appraisal-Banff NP Parks Canada
Williams, V. FS Ph.D XX Burn Severity Classification Grad Student
Wooley, R. FS MF 77 Fire history in ponderosa pine  
Wu, R. FS MS 99 Fire history in mixed conifer USFS R 2 San Juan NF
Wyant, J. FS MS1 83 Fire effects on tree photosynthetic area Private research contractor, Corvallis
Yancik, R. FS MS 86 Stochastic prescribed fire scheduling USFS R2
Zimmerman, T. FS PhD 90 Fire/dwarf mistletoe NIFC-NPS


FS - Forest Sciences 
FWB - Fishery and Wildlife Biology 
ER - Earth Resources 
RR - Recreation Resources 
XX - In progress 
1 - Earned PhD/MS in another discipline