FEML Related Programs

Green Forest

The Fire Economics & Management Laboratory collaborates with several state and local agencies on a daily basis. Below is information on those agencies.

Western Forest Fire Research Center (WESTFIRE)
The Western Forest Fire Research Center (WESTFIRE) is an interdisciplinary research facility based at Colorado State University. The WESTFIRE website contains links to a variety of information on Forest Fire Science at CSU, as well as to wildfire information and data.

National Interagency Fire Center
At the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), located in Boise Idaho, cooperating agencies, such as the USFS, NPS, FWS, and BLM, conduct fire related research and activities ranging from outreach and education to firefighter safety to scientific and technological research. The NIFC website, http://www.nifc.gov/ contains information on Fire Program Analysis, Healthy Forests Initiative, National Fire Plan, as well as information on current fire conditions and historical fire data.

USDA Forest Service
The Fire and Aviation Management segment of the USDA Forest Service is a diverse group of people working to advance technologies in fire management. The USFS provides information on the National Fire Plan as well as on fire management and fire science issues ranging from aviation to training. Policy documents relating to wildfire can also be found on their website.

Southern Research Station, Forest Sciences Laboratory 
The Economics of Forest Protection and Management Research Unit at the Southern Station focuses on the following topics: Economics of forest disturbancesForest management, markets, and trade; Values of forest amenities and servicesand Economics of broad scale human-forest interactions.

Rocky Mountain Research Station