Graduate Education

Burn siteWe are actively engaged in graduate education and graduate opportunities. Our graduate students possess a wide range of backgrounds, including forestry, engineering, economics, operations research, and statistics and pursue interests in wildland fire management. Graduate students benefit from individually tailored programs aimed at maximizing the value of their educational experience. Their education draws upon expertise and classes from various disciplines and departments, including forestry, natural resources, economics, agricultural economics, statistics, and more!

Graduates with advanced degrees often attain leadership positions with federal wildland fire management agencies or with academic institutions.

Resources For Current And Prospective Graduate Students
Masters Thesis And PhD Dissertations of Previous Graduate Students Include
  • Valuation of forest fuels treatment programs in Colorado: a comparison of urban and wildland-urban interface residents (Susan Walker)
  • An economic analysis and operations research of wildfire management (Andy Kirsch)
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of wildfire preparedness programs (Geoffrey Donovan)
  • The economics of catastrophic wildfires (Hayley Hesseln)
  • Does sealed bidding promote competition in the auctioning of public timber? (Jenna Stone)
  • Testing the effectiveness of the SBA-USDA timber sale set aside program (Jenna Stone)

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Current and Former Graduate Students Working in Fire
  • Pam Ziesler, Current Ph.D student at CSU
  • Susan H. Walker, Consultant, Harvey Economics, Denver, CO
  • Andy Kirsch, Fire Program Analyst, NIFC
  • Geoffrey Donovan, Research Forester, Pacific Northwest Research Station
  • Hayley Hesseln, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewon
  • Karen Abt, Research Economist, Southern Research Station