The largest global change you’ve never heard of

Dr Jill Baron doing field workWhen discussing climate change and its causes, most people think of carbon dioxide. But are there other, less well-known factors that could be causing just as much damage to our environment?  Find out more from the new director of the North American Nitrogen Center (and ESS affiliate faculty member), Dr. Jill Baron.  READ MORE

Dan Binkley honored with Wallenberg Professorship

Dr. Dan BinkleyThe Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry has named ESS Professor Dan Binkley as the holder of the 2015 KSLA Wallenberg professorship. Professor Binkley will be spending the Spring 2015 semester in the Department of Forest Ecology and Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, to strengthen and broaden interest in the topic of forest management.

Professor Binkley is a world-class scientist who can be expected to contribute to the renewal of forest science in Sweden. Professor Binkley has an extensive and very well-cited scientific publication list, focused on issues related to forest biogeochemistry and dynamics, ranging from empirical studies to scientific syntheses.

Fall 2014 Watershed Science Graduates

Congratulations to our graduates!

Bachelor's of Science: Hunter Brill, Angela Coates, Evan Flemming, Jon Lindquist, Matt Menk, Allisyn Stanfield, and Xinnan Zhu

Minor: Tanner Bonham, PJ Murray, Jared Vaughn, and Charles Waddell

Master's of Science: Adam Pierce and Alexander Williams