Graduate Course Offerings

The following graduate courses are taught by Ecosystem Science and Sustainability faculty. Refer to the CSU catalog for additional information and course descriptions.

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Courses
Course Title Instructor Syllabus
ESS524 Foundations for Greenhouse Gas Management/Accounting Dr. Rich Conant  
ESS542 Greenhouse Gas Policies Dr. Rich Conant
Dr. Steve Ogle
ESS565 Niche Models Dr. Cameron Aldridge  
ESS575 Introduction to Ecological Modeling Dr. Tom Hobbs  
ESS660 Biogeochemical Cycling in Ecosystems Dr. Matt Wallenstein  

Watershed Science Courses
Course Title Instructor Syllabus
WR510 International Watershed Management Dr. Melinda Laituri  
WR524 Modeling Watershed Hydrology Dr. Stephanie Kampf  
WR575 Snow Hydrology Field Methods Dr. Steven Fassnacht   and website
WR616 Hillslope Hydrology and Runoff Processes Dr. Stephanie Kampf  
WR674A Data Issues in Hydrology Dr. Steven Fassnacht  

Warner College of Natural Resources Courses
Course Title Instructor Syllabus
NR/ANTH554 Ecological and Social Agent-based Modeling Dr. Randy Boone website



Additional Courses
Course Title Instructor Syllabus
ECOL 505 Foundations of Ecology Dr. Dan Binkley  
ECOL 592 Examining Spatial Variability: Snowpack and Forest Properties Dr. Steven Fassnacht  



Useful Forms
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