Melinda Laituri

Melinda Laituri

Faculty, CLTL

Associate Professor, Warner College of Natural Resources
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Areas of interest: Geographic information systems, Geography, Hydrology, Disaster management

How we will address the seemingly intractable environmental issues of the 21st C is a crucial area for education, research, and training. The Leadership through Learning program is an innovative approach towards integrating theory and praxis in the field. The outcome of this program is to train and educate leaders who are sensitive to the needs and concerns of local populations and can facilitate local solutions using local resources.

I am a firm believer in experiential, hand-on learning. However, I also believe in the importance of students being firmly grounded in foundational theory and concepts with regard to natural resources. In addition, students need to be skilled in state of the art technologies that are increasing critical to resource management and ecological modeling

I received my degree in Geography from University of Arizona in 1993. My dissertation focused on environmental justice with regard to access to groundwater resources in the US southwest. I spent three years as a lecturer at the University of Auckland working on collaborative projects with Maori for resource management and integrating geographic information systems for iwi (tribal) management plans. At Colorado State University, I have worked with Native American tribes, along the United State/Mexico border, in South Africa, India, Sweden, and Canada developing participatory GIS for resource management integrating cultural information into digital databases.