Biocomplexity Resources

Finished Research and Papers

Juan Marcos González-Sepúlveda. 2008. Challenges and Solutions in Combining RP and SP Data to Value Recreation. A Dissertation in the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, Colorado State University.  Dissertation

Andrew Pike. 2008. Longitudinal Patterns in Stream Channel Geomorphology and Aquatic Habitat in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico. A Dissertation in Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania.  Dissertation

Kirk Sherrill. 2006. Road and Stream Network Connectivity: Northeastern Puerto Rico. Masters Thesis, Colorado State University.  Thesis

Brent Read and Melinda Laituri. 2005. Predicting travel costs for recreational visits at aquatic sites within the Caribbean National Forest using GIS.

Coralys Ortiz. 2005. Influence of Habitat Morphology on Shrimp Communities in a Headwater Stream: Quebrada Prieta, Luquillo Forest  doc.

Biocomplexity Project Planned Publications, Theses and Dissertations

Biocomplexity Papers September 2005

Biocomplexity Planned Publications December 2007  xls

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NetLogo is a cross-platform multi-agent programmable modeling environment. NetLogo was utilized to build a Puerto Rico Recreation Model:

Xplorah - Support for integrated spatial planning Puerto Rico

Xplorah Home Page and Description

Xplorah Support Tool For Integrated Spatial Planning in Puerto Rico Poster  ppt

Xplorah Support Tool For Integrated Spatial Planning in Puerto Rico Presentation  ppt