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The Puerto Rico Biocomplexity Project is working to develop a framework for evaluating the biocomplexity of multiple networks. Project participants propose to develop concepts of network theory to evaluate the spatial and temporal interactions among rivers, roads, and people and how these dynamics affect the structure and function of aquatic species networks in food webs. The main overarching hypothesis is that an integrated individual-based model will more accurately predict environmental effects than any single physical, biotic or social model by reducing unexplained variation. The project will focus on developing network models that will test present and future human impacts on tropical watersheds. Project participants are committed to sharing their approach with students, educators, researchers, and local planners through seminars, workshops, and conferences by use of case studies and comparative network applications.

Biocomplexity Teacher Workshop

May 31 - June 2, 2008

Workshop PartcipantsThe Biocomplexity Project partnered with AlACiMA - Puerto Rico Math and Science Partnership to give teachers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Biocomplexity and provide them with tools to demonstrate biocomplexity concepts in their classrooms.

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