R.S. Knaub Science Award Encourages Sustainability Innovations

Sophomore conservation biology major Molly Warner is the 2015 recipient of the Richard S. Knaub Science Award. Warner is an ideal candidate for the award, which is focused on promoting innovations in science related to sustainability, due to her passion for sustaining biodiversity while accounting for human development and well-being.
In her brief college career Warner has participated in a variety of jobs related to conservation biology including field research in the Piceance Basin on wildlife and plant communities, volunteer work in the Liba Pejchar lab categorizing mammals from wildlife camera traps, and as an intern with The Nature Conservancy at their Phantom Canyon Preserve.
“Molly is bright, curious, hard-working, passionate about wildlife and dedicated to research that achieves sustainability for both natural and human communities,” said Associate Professor Liba Pejchar.
Warner has proposed using the award for a research project with Pejchar’s lab to evaluate the ecological impacts of management practices in the Piceance Basin that are intended to provide additional forage for mule deer.
The award, which grants a $1,500 scholarship to a Warner College of Natural Resources student each year, is in remembrance of Richard Knaub, a Warner College alumni who dedicated his career to the environment.
Through his work as a scientist at the National Laboratory for Renewable Energy he demonstrated a passion for sustainability and truly believed that individuals could make a difference. He didn’t stop for obstacles; but would find a way over, under, or around them. A dark day now just meant a brighter day ahead.
Toward the end of his battle with cancer his sister, Miranda, recalls a doctors visit where he was asked what he’d like to do with his remaining time. “Same as always,” he replied. “Try and save the planet.” Knaub’s legacy of environmentalism and the future of which he dreamed lives on through the students who benefit from the generous scholarship his family established in his honor. 
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