Sunil Kumar
Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Affiliate Faculty, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
1499 Campus Delivery, B242 NESB, Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO  80523-1499
Phone:(970) 491-7056, Fax:(970) 491-1965
e-mail: sunil.kumar 'at'

Current Research Interests:

Landscape ecology, niche modeling/species distribution modeling, biological invasions, pest risk analysis, geospatial analyses, remote sensing, GIS, spatial statistics, community ecology, climate change, and public health.

Peer-Reviewed Articles/Book Chapters/Abstracts (*indicates graduate student, **undergraduate student):

47. Kumar, S., Yee, W.L., and Neven, L.G. (In Press). Mapping global potential risk of establishment of Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) using MaxEnt and CLIMEX niche models. Journal of Economic Entomology, DOI: 10.1093/jee/tow166.
46. Lestina**, J.T., Cook**, M., Kumar, S., Morisette, J.T., Ode, P., and Peairs, F. (In Press). MODIS imagery improves pest risk assessment: A case study of wheat stem sawfly (Cephus cinctus) in Colorado, USA. Environmental Entomology.
45. Galdino*, T.V.S., Kumar, S., Oliveira, L.S.S., Alfenas, A.C., Neven, L.G., Al-Sadi, A.M., and Picanco, M.C. (2016). Mapping global potential risk of mango sudden decline disease caused by fungus Ceratocystis fimbriata. PLoS ONE 11(7): e0159450. (PDF)
44. Sidder*, A.M., Kumar, S., Laituri, M., Sibold, J.S. (2016). Using spatiotemporal correlative niche models for evaluating the effects of climate change on mountain pine beetle. Ecosphere, 7(7):e01396. 10.1002/ecs2.1396. (PDF)
43. Javed, S.M.M., Raj, M., and Kumar, S. (In Press). Predicting potential habitat suitability for an endemic gecko Calodactylodes aureus and its conservation implications in India. Tropical Ecology.
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1. Tiwari, A. K., Agarwal, A., Kumar, S., and Tiwari, S. C. 2005. Analysis of land use and biomass in Khanda watershed, Garhwal Himalaya, using satellite remote sensing data. Tropical Ecology 46(2): 253-263. (PDF)

*PDFs above are provided for non-commercial research and educational use; not for reproduction, distribution or commercial use.

Books, Thesis and Other Publications:

Book: Kumar, S. (2008). Effects of Spatial Heterogeneity on Species Richness: Methods to Quantify Spatial Heterogeneity and the Effects of Spatial Scale. 156 pp. VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Saarbruken, Germany. ISBN: 978-3836488884. Available at
PhD Dissertation:"Effects of spatial heterogeneity on native and exotic plant and butterfly species richness in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA".(Abstract). Major Advisor: Dr. Thomas J. Stohlgren (other committee members: Dr. Barry Noon, Dr. Michael Lefsky, and Dr. Hari Iyer).

Professional and Community Service:

  • Editorial Board, 'Tropical Ecology' (Oct. 2014 - present).
  • Editorial Board, 'Journal of Insect Science' (Jan. 2016 - present).
  • Editorial Board, 'Halteres' (Feb. 2015 - present)- A Peer Reviewed Open Access Research Journal in Entomology.
  • Guest editor, Current Zoology Special issue on Invasive Species (2010-2011).(PDF)
  • Editorial Board, 'Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment' (2009 - present).
  • Associate Editor, 'International Journal of Ecology and Development' (2012 - present).

  • Reviewer (# of proposals reviewed):
  • National Science Foundation (1): 2010
  • US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (1): 2011
  • Panelist USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (12): 2011
  • USDA Small Business Innovation Research (1): 2012
  • AgreenSkills Post-doc Fellowships (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) (2): 2014, 2015
  • Reviewer for >35 Journals (# of manuscripts reviewed): Biological Invasions (2), Landscape Ecology (3), Ecological Applications (4), Ecosphere (2), Journal of Ecology (1), Diversity and Distributions (1), Ecological Modelling (1), Ecology and Evolution (1), Global Ecology and Biogeography (1), PLOS ONE (3), Forest Ecology and Management (2), Computers and Electronics in Agriculture (1), Applied Vegetation Science (1), Aquatic Invasions (1), Entropy (1), Environmental Management (1), European Journal of Forest Research (1), Environmental Engineering Science (1), Rangeland Ecology and Management (1), Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology (1), Nordic Journal of Botany (1), Invasive Plant Science and Management (1), Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment (3), Journal of Environmental Biology(1), Tropical Ecology (1), Conservation Biology (1), and Agroforestry Systems journals (1).
  • Teaching:

  • ESS330: Quantitative Reasoning in Ecosystem Science (Spring 2015)- Co-taught with Dr. Cameron Aldridge, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Colorado State University (enrollement = 40).
  • ECOL592: Niche Models (2 credit seminar)- Co-taught with Dr. Barry Noon and Dr. Cameron Aldridge (Fall 2009, Spring 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013).
  • Watershed Problems course Spring 2014- Co-Taught, Dr. John Stednick, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, Colorado State University.
  • Teaching Assistant for ECOL592: Exploring Ecological Datasets (Fall 2007).
  • Guest Lecture (ECOL592) Notes:"Incorporating space in Ecological models- a lecture".(Download PDF).
  • Mathematics Tutor (1994-1996): taught mathematics to 11th and 12th grade students (2-3 batches of 8-12 students per academic year) .

  • Advising/Mentoring: Current

  • Ms. Jamie Fuller (Committee member), PhD.
  • Mr. Jung Gun Cho (Co-advisor), PhD.
  • Mr. Kevin McCartney (Advisor), MS, started Spring 2016.
  • Mr. Leo Franzone, Skills for Undergraduate Participation in Ecological Research (SUPER) program, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, CSU (started Nov. 2015).
  • Ms. Sara Hines, Skills for Undergraduate Participation in Ecological Research (SUPER) program, Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, CSU (started Nov. 2015)
  • Advising/Mentoring: Past

  • Mr. Tarcisio V. S. Galdino (Advisor), PhD, Exchange Student from the University of Viçosa, Brazil (March, 2015- Jan. 2016).
  • Mr. Farajollah Tarnian (Advisor), PhD, Exchange Student from the University of Teheran, Iran (June-Dec.2015).
  • Mr. Jordan Lestina (Advisor), Undergraduate, Forestry/Forest Biology (Completed Dec. 2015), Honors Thesis: "Using MODIS Imagery for Pest Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Wheat Stem Sawfly (Cephus cinctus) in Colorado, USA".
  • Mr. Aaron Sidder (Co-advisor), MS, (Completed Summer 2015), Thesis: "Using spatiotemporal correlative niche models for evaluating the effects of climate change on mountain pine beetle" (PDF).
  • Ms. Amanda M. West (Co-advisor), PhD, (Completed Summer 2015), Dissertation: "Evaluating Risk for Current and Future 'Bromus tectorum' Invasion and Large Wildfires at Multiple Spatial Scales in Colorado and Wyoming, USA" (PDF); currently Post-Doc at Colorado State University
  • Mr. Anthony Vorster (Co-advisor), MS, (Completed Summer 2014), Thesis: "Relating severity of a mountain pine beetle outbreak to forest management history" (PDF); currently pursuing Ph.D. at Colorado State University
  • Ms. Jessica A. Schurich (Co-advisor), MS (Completed, Fall 2012), Thesis: "Modeling Culex tarsalis Coquillett abundance on the northern Colorado Front Range using a Landscape-level Approach" (PDF). Currently working with Colorado Mosquito Control Inc., Brighton, Colorado.

    h-index: 11.0 ( Researcher ID: A-6730-2009): Total citations- 641 (Senior author- 349)

    Google Scholar Profile: Sunil Kumar (h-index: 15.0; total citations: 1,145)

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